• Schönefeld (SXF)

    How often does it happen, that we find ourselves in places, where we didn't want to spend our time? I spend a lot of time in subway stations or trains watching other people waiting. When I looked around at the Berlin Airport Schönefeld it seemed to me, that these people are in an "in between area". They are not at home nor in their holidays. It seems like a piece of live time, that one has to pass, to get to the interesting moments afterwards. The place is build, to satisfy the needs of the passengers. But it seems as if they can't understand these structures.
  • The Georgian Family Album

    Four year old Sandro is playing with balloons in a house, where his great grandfather Shalva Giorgobiani was brought just after his birth in 1951. Since then, seven generations of the Giorgobiani family have lived in this house. It has become more popular, that adult children move into their own flat. But the Giorgobianis appreciate living close with their family. See the whole multimedia story on danishphotojournalism.com.
  • Yammer Bay Young

    Hirtshals, a town with six thousand inhabitants on the north coast of Denmark. The young people were raised here, have to make a decision when they turn eighteen. Do they want to move away from there home area, to go through an advanced education, or do they prefer to stay in their home town, with their family and the friends who stay. Many of them decide to leave the Yammer Bay Coastline, some stay.   The article was part of a student magazine done at DMJX. To read the article follow this link on issue.com,
  • Dock Øst

    The harbor of Aarhus is going to change. Where once fishermen made their living by going out to the sea, a new area is planned and by now under construction. We will not see people working with ships here any further.  The new apartment houses are supposed to generate a superior, hip lifestyle.
  • Mogens Fogh

    Mogens Fogh says, that work has to be relaxed. Together with Michel (in picture 3) he has worked in four different companies. They prefer to work in their own responsibility. Instead of fulfilling orders of a boss who's not in the subject of truck repairing, they rather decide what to do on their own. As long as everything is done, the company relies on their knowledge. I was very pleased, to see this attitude, that seems very not-german to me. Mogens also invited me to his home — and i think i learned more about Danish people then on any other day.